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About Salted

Fresh and unpretentious home decor - true to comfort, function and beauty. Modern styles with classic sensibilities. Salted is creating a space for people to share their love of color. We work with artisans both locally and across the globe to apply custom designs to rugs and home decor.

Every purchase supports fair wages, safe work environments, and green initiatives for future generations.

Women-owned small business.

About Amy Eberhardt

Amy started designing in 2008. She has worked on interior design and custom textile projects in New York, Atlanta, Michigan, California, Florida and surrounding areas in North and South Carolina.

In 2020, she created Salted. Her products pursue comfort, function, and beauty in a fresh and unpretentious way. Well-defined and understated, she makes her products make sense while making others feel happy.

"You really can be two opposite things at the same time, but it is in our nature to place people in categories. I am soft but strong. By soft, I do not mean weak or a pushover. I mean being loving, compassionate, considerate, and supportive. It has always been interesting to me that most people associate people having a big heart and being kind to not having boundaries. When I mean strong or successful, I am not uncaring, insensitive, or cold. As we all know, it comes down to balance. In my opinion, a good leader knows how to focus on people's strengths and at the same time helping them grow in areas of weakness. I am grateful for this quality."
— Amy